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Associate researchers


Sou Hwan Kang

Research Institute for Information and Culture,
School of Media and Communication, Korea University 

Interests  Organizational Sociology, Higher Education, Institutional Analysis

Degree     Ph.D. in Sociology




He received B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. in Sociology from Korea University. He wrote master's dissertation, "A study on the change of corporate governance in Korea since the financial crisis in 1997: Focused on the corporate governance of Samsung, LG, and SK." (2012.02.) And He wrote Ph.D. dissertation, "A study on the conditions and influence of university ranking system: Norm, institutional logic, status group." (2021.02.) This dissertation analyzed the role of university ranking evaluation in higher education which exists as an organizational field in Korean society.

Main research area

He is interested in institutional analysis to various types of organizations which are socially embedded. Currently his research interests include economic & organizational sociology, higher education, evaluation society, institutional change, and innovation.


  1. Choi, J. Y., & Kang, S. H. (2021). The relationship between parents’ socioeconomic status and their children’s self-efficacy: The mediation effect of experiential learning activities. Journal of Institute for Social Sciences, 32(3), 129-148. (corresponding author) (in Korean)

  2. Kang, S. H. (2017). Chapter 7 “The role of social formation and acceptance in innovations.” pp.197-222 in Park, G. S., & Kim, W. J. et al. Imagination of Contagion, Seoul: Nanam Publication (in Korean) (ISBN 9788930089258)

  3. Ye, W., & Kang, S. H. (2017). The Evolved Survival of SM Entertainment in the Chinese Market: Legitimation Strategies and Organizational Survival. Kritika Kultura, 29, 272-291. (corresponding author)

  4. Choi, J. Y., & Kang, S. H. (2016). The diffusion of minimum living standard scheme after the reform and open policy in China: ‘Decoupling’ and ‘dualization’ in relation to institutional diffusion. Social Welfare Policy, 43(4), 141-167. (corresponding author) (in Korean)

  5. Kang, S. H., & Park, G. S. (2016). Overcoming ethical issues through symbolic management, cultivating proponents and storytelling: The institutionalization of Korea’s horseracing industry. Asian Pacific Business Review, 22(3), 439-451.

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