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Senior researchers

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Hyunmi Baek

Associate Professor in School of Media and Communication, Korea University

Interests  Big Data, Media industry, Data science

Degree    Ph.D.



Professor Baek’s undergraduate and graduate classes cover media and data science, research design and application for data and analysis. She enjoys discussing with students about how to design and apply data science methodology in media industry such as online news, social media etc. Specifically, students in her class will learn programming skills and basic methodologies for data science so that they can design database and conduct social network analyses. By analyzing various types of data from the perspective of the media and communication specialists, students are expected to create new knowledge and insights unique and beneficial to diverse careers they will pursue in media industry and related fields. Her research interests include electronic word-of-mouth in social media, information adoption, and open collaboration by using data science methodology. She received her BS in chemical engineering from POSTECH, MA in IT management from KAIST and obtained her PhD in management from Seoul National University.

Main research area

데이터사이언스 방법론을 활용하여 소셜미디어 온라인 구전의 영향력에 대한 연구 및 온라인 구전의 신뢰성과 확산 특성에 대한 연구를 수행해왔다. 또한 ICT 기술의 발전으로 인해 변화하는 미디어산업 생태계 및 개방형협업에도 관심을 가지고 연구를 수행 중이며, 온라인 뉴스의 신뢰성 및 댓글을 통한 여론 형성 메커니즘 관련 연구에도 관심을 가지고 있다. 


  1. Lee, S., Baek, H., & Jahng, J. (2017). Governance strategies for open collaboration: focusing on resource allocation in open source software development organizations. International Journal of Information Management, 37, 431-437. (corresponding author)

  2. Baek, H., Oh, S., Yang, H. D., & Ahn, J. H. (2017). Electronic Word-of-Mouth, Box Office Revenue and Social Media. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 22, 13-23.

  3. Oh, S., Baek, H., & Ahn, J. H. (2017). Predictive Value of Video-Sharing Behavior: Sharing of Movie Trailers and Box-Office Revenue. Internet Research, 27(3), 691-708.

  4. Baek, H., Lee, S., Oh, S., & Ahn, J. H. (2015). Normative Social Influence and Online Review Helpfulness: Polynomial Modeling and Response Surface Analysis. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 16(4), 290-306.

  5. Oh, S., Baek, H., & Ahn, J. H. (2015). The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) on Mobile Application Downloads: An Empirical Investigation. International Journal of Mobile Commerce, 12(2), 136-156. (corresponding author)

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