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Research assistants


Young Jun Sohn

M.A. student, Media and Communication, Korea University

Interests  Virtual Influencer(VI), OTT, New media



My name is Young Jun Sohn, a graduate student in the media and communication M.A. program in Korea University. Based on interests in Virtual Influencer(VI) and New media, I am currently conducting research on user response to Virtual Influencer(VI) in various media industries.


Sohn, Y. & Jung, Y. (2021, December). Effects of Anthropomorphism in Virtual Influencer(VI) on Likability. Talk presented at 2021 Korea Media Management Association Fall Conference.

Sohn, Y., Nam, J., & Jung, Y. (2022, May). Consumer journey in the context of account sharing in over-the-top (OTT) services. Talked presented at 2022 Korea Media Management Association Spring Conference.

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