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Research assistants


Soyoung Wang

M.A. student in School of Media and Communication, Korea University

Interests  OTT, Content IP, Intelligent information technology



My name is Soyoung Wang, a graduate student in the media and communication M.A. program in Korea University. With research interests focusing on intelligent information technology, I particularly studied user response to deepfake videos of K-pop idols. Based on interests in OTT and content, I am currently conducting research on success strategies for OTT services.


  1. Wang, S., & Kim, S. (2022). How Do People Feel about Deepfake Videos of K-Pop Idols?. The Journal of Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, 47(2), 375-386.

  2. Wang, S., & Kim, S. (2022). Users’ emotional and behavioral responses to deepfake videos of K-pop idols. Computers in Human Behavior, 134, 107305.

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