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Research assistants


Chulmin Lim

Ph.D. student in School of Media and Communication, Korea University

Interests  Algorithmic recommendation, OTT, Customer churn



I reveived bachelor degree of business administration and media & communication and master degree of media & communication. I have academic interests in understanding the users’ perception and behavior toward media technology and services and estimating their impact and meaning on society and industry.


  1. Jang, C., Lim, C., & Kim, S. (2022). A Case Study on the Content Production Capabilities of Local OTT Service Providers: Focusing on TVING, Wavve, Kakaotv and Netflix. Korean Journal of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Studies, 36(1), 79-113.

  2. Hwang, S., Lim, C., Ha, J., & Kim, S. (2021). What are the current content strategies of local and global SVOD service providers?. The Journal of Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences, 46(4), 764-749.

  3. Lee, S.-E., Kim, S., & Lim, C. (2019). Do special issues offer something special? An overview of research trends in Telecommunications Policy special issues. Telecommunications Policy, 43(10).

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