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Senior researchers

장문경 교수님

Moonkyoung Jang 

Assistant professor in Global IT Business, Hannam University

Interests  digital contents platform, eWOM, and media management

Degree    Ph.D. in Business



The author Moonkyoung Jang is an assistant professor at Global IT Business, Hannam university. She received her Ph.D. in Business from Seoul university. She worked as an ERP programmer for Lotte Data Communication Company and Tyco International, and worked as a Postdoc researcher at Nanyang Technological university (Singapore) and Korea university.

Main research area

Moonkyoung Jang has two major areas of expertise: 1) empirical analysis on digital contents platforms, and 2) the use of data science methods to extract, process, and analyze various datasets of digital contents platforms. Her research interests include eWOM, open collaboration, media management, and digital contents business such as online games, music streaming services, and short-form contents for new media.


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  2. Jang, M., Kim, C., & Yoo, B. (2020). An Empirical Analysis of In-app Purchase Behavior in Mobile Games, Information Systems Review 22(2).

  3. Jang, M., Lee L., and Yoo B. (2019). Investigating Factors Influencing Intention to Purchase in Freemium Mobile Games, Information Systems and e-Business Management, Special issue.

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