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Senior researchers


Kyoungjin Choi 

Professor in Department of Law, Gachon University

Interests  Personal Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT

Degree    Ph.D. in Law



2020. 02.~ Mediator of Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee

2020. ~ President of Korea Association of Personal Data Professionals

2019. 12.~ Member of Financial Development Council, Financial Services Commission

2019. 11. ~ Director of Center for AI·Data and Policy, Gachon University

2019. ~ Mediator of Telecommunication Dispute Mediation Committee, Korea Communications Commission

Main research area

His major area of expertise is data protection, privacy, security, national security, A.I. as well as law and policy for ICT in general. Especially, he has actively participated in legislation process of data protection and ICT laws in Korea and has been advising Korean government for many years. He has much interest in peaceful alternative dispute resolution.


  1. 인공지능의 사법적 쟁점, 저스티스, 2021

  2. “UNCITRAL 신원관리 및 신뢰서비스의 국제적 승인에 관한 규정안”에 대한 고찰, 국제거래법연구, 2019

  3. 데이터와 사법상의 권리, 그리고 데이터 소유권, 정보법학, 2019

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