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2022-23 SSK-Networking The 2nd Joint Symposium(221222)

2022-23 SSK-Networking The 2nd Joint Symposium

  • Schedule: December 22, 2022

  • Method: LW Convention Center & Online (Zoom meeting)

  • Host: Social Sciences Korea(SSK) Support Group

  • Sponsor: National Research Foundation of Korea

  • Topic1: A Study on the Relationship between the Commenter Follow Network and Online News Consumption

  • Prsenter1: Jeongin Nam (Korea University)

  • Discussant1: Dr. Sun Kyong Lee (Korea University)

  • Topic2: The influence of the anthropomorphism and interaction of virtual show hosts on public confidence - focusing on the mediation of mind perception -

  • Presenter2: So Yeon Park (Korea University)

  • Discussant2: Dr. Yongjun Sung (Korea University)

  • Topic3: Kids content as IPTV platform's new differentiator: The Korean Case

  • Presenter3: Chae Yun Jang (Korea University)

  • Discussant3: Dr. Saerom Lee (Kyungpook National University)

  • Topic4: Determinants of differences in critical media literacy among age groups

  • Presenter4: Yun Kyung Cho (Korea University)

  • Discussant4: Dr. Ahran Park (Korea University)

  • Topic5: The Effect of Creator Characteristics on User Preference of User-created Platforms: Focusing on Roblox Platform

  • Presenter5: YoungJu Kang (Kyungpook National University)

  • Discussant5: Dr. Hyunmi Baek (Korea University)

  • Topic6: Different perceptions of blockchain in music industry: a social representation study in Korea

  • Presenter6: Yujun Park (Korea University)

  • Discussant6: Dr. Moonkyoung Jang (Gachon University)

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