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제 1회 USC-KU 합동 심포지엄 (The 1st USC-KU Joint Symposium, 230727)

The 1st USC-KU Joint Symposium

Schedule: July 26, 2023 4:00 PM (PDT) / July 27, 2023 8:00AM (KST)

Venue: Online in California / On/Offline in Seoul (601, Media Hall, Korea University)

Oranized by: ARNIC(Annenberg Research Network on International Communication), CIS(Center for ICT & Society), SSRC(Smart Media Service Research Center)

1. Opening Session Welcome Speech

Prof. Galperin, ARNIC

Prof. Kim, CIS/SSRC

Keynote Speech | NAVER's Battle Against the Giants

Paul Choi, Head of Capital Markets, Naver

2. K-Culture Session

Discussant | (USC) Prof. Hye Jin Lee

Moderator | (USC) Prof. Su Jung Kim

[USC] Prof. Henry Jenkins

Sister Fans, Tomboys, Hanfu, and Pop Cosmopolitans: Mapping Globalization and Nationalism in East Asia Fan Cultuers

[USC] Becky Pham

Young Hallyu Fans in Vietnam (2010-2023): Cultural Capital, Social Media, and Challenges in Participatory Culture

[KU] Prof. Haerin Shin

Retribution Gone Newtro: Decolonizing Ressentiment in Korean Revenge Dramas

[KU] Heeyoung Ro

Resistance or Expulsion? An Impertinent Reading of BL based on In-depth Interviews with Korean Female Readers

3. Digital Platform Session

Discussant | (KU) Prof. Yoonhyuk Jung

Moderator | (KU) Prof. Ahran Park

[USC] Prof. Dmitri Williams

Using Social Value to Advance Science and Industry Practices

[USC] Kyooeun Jang

New Bottles, Old Wine? New Challenges of Content Governance in Social Metaverse Platforms

[KU] Prof. Sun Kyong Lee

Trust in an Intelligent Virtual Agent: Influences of Gendered Voice, Interaction Type, and Ethnolinguistic Accent

[KU] Seungyeon Ha

Enhancing Color Vision Deficiency Accessibility in South Korean Webtoons with a Deep Learning-based Color-blind Mode

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